Broken Requiem

The Parable of the Lost and Forgiven.


Broken Requiem: The parable of the lost and the forgiven.

By brokenrequiemSeptember 2, 20140

Artistic Kurves, Inc. is proud to finally present a project far too long in the making. A story that may rattle some and inspire others. This is the production called Broken Requiem: The parable of the lost and the forgiven. We have taken everything we know and understand to be fact and tie them together with something that can, could and or may be called fiction.

The reason why I say this is because the majority of the names in this story can be traced to true individuals who have lived in the past. History has a way in writing itself sometimes, creating what we understand to be myth and legend. We strive to take that myth and legend and put flesh and blood to them the best way we know how, all the while bringing to life and giving a face to most things we see as pure myth.

We decided to see what we could do to put my story to film and see what happens, good or bad. I took what I was taught from the church, school, and books, placing our characters in a place and time that is familiar to me and inject it with the very same emotion we all feel when we have been wronged or have wronged someone else in our past.

Broken Requiem will move you in a way that will force you to think about what you really understand about God and the Devil, good and evil, human and spirt, living and dead, love and hate. We look forward to hearing from you when this story finally reaches you. We are truly interested in knowing what you think and feel about what we have presented to you as a whole. We only ask that you keep an open mind, stay with us from the beginning, and ride it to the end. And when it’s finally over… we can only hope we were able to open something within you.


Cliff ST. Hubert

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